Reflection 4


INCREDIBLE! I am amazing by the ending. Lexi had really changed from the start of the book till now and she has become a much better person in the way that she thinks and in also the things that she does. She has now learnt to expect things and do them with pride. WOW! Lexi also got like 10x smarter, she worked out that La Fleur was actually going to interrupt her father’s business and she did everything in her power to save him. I love it how in this last chapter she comes to her senses about everything, she finds out about her mother and she wants to know why that was kept from her for so long. She finds out that her father was always trying to protect her and she didn’t want what happened to mother to happen to her. I also liked it how Lexi went about and beyond to save her dad and then wondered why after everything that he had not done for her. She did I anyway and saved the father, she turned out to be not a spoilt brat but a reasonable and great girl. I COULD NOT STOP SMILING WHEN LEXI DENIED THE CHECK! I wanted to punch her and ask her what she was doing but as I kept reading it became fro clear to me that she was very responsible about her decision and that is amazing because from what she was to what she is now, she has grown up physically but emotionally and mentally as well. I am so happy about Mr. Larbree and how he poured his heart out to Lexi, I nearly started crying. It would have been such a special moment for Lexi, emotionally talking to her father for once in a long time. I HOPE THAT LEXI AND LUKE STAY TOGTHER FOREVER! They are the perfect couple. I have loved reading this book and it has been amazing, every chapter with a different problem and every sebtence with thrilling information. I would defintaly recommend this book to anyone. I think that people who read all different types of books would be able to pick this up and enjoy it, like I did, I am very glad that I go this book and I have once again lived another life in another fantastic story, Like Lexi!

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