Bridge Builder



I am building a bridge between Lexi and myself because I feel like we relate on a level. She has started out doing something that she is unsure about and is not sure the purpose. I feel like we all start like that even in school and doing some subjects that are irrelevant and you think that they are meaningless, but they actually turn out to be a very important part of your life and you eventually come to relies that. I was very proud of Lexi in the end and how she was given what she wanted but denied it because she wanted to finish what she started successfully and she wanted to earn the check from all of her had work. I think that this relates to me because in the end I learn to enjoy things and try and get the most out of them by staying focused and not taking anything for granted.


I have only chosen to relate myself to Mr. Larbree because of his determination and hard work. I think that I am a very driven and focused person on work, and you can sometimes get to caught up that you forget about things around you. I think that I can relate myself to Mr. Larbree because he went a started a company that earned him a living and I think that with persistence I can do something like that too.


Oddly enough I think that Lexi and Richard are very much alike in the way that they worked for what they wanted. Even though Richard started out with nothing and worked very hard towards something, Lexi started with everything and took it all for granted so she has to work for what she wants and in the end they both end up working hard for they want to achieve or accomplish.

  1. LUKE

I really enjoyed the character of Luke in this book and he does remind me of myself, only in the way that work and business can get in the way of life and having fun. I think that you can never work too hard but you always sometimes think to hard and forget to just let go a little bit and focus on other things other then work. I feel like I am the same with school because I sometimes get to caught up in the school work and I forget to have fun along the way. I also liked it how Lexi brought out the fun in Luke and Luke brought out the work ethic in Lexi. I think that they suit each other perfectly.

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