Reflection 3


I have not been able to put the book down for the last few days! It has gotten so tense and the suspense is making it worse. I am loving the plot that is happening and the problems that have occurred in the recent chapters. I am loving Lexi. At the start of the book she was annoying me because she was a spoilt brat – but ow she has come to her senses and she is starting to act more like a regular person. She has been thinking and she is more concerned about her mother and she wants to get to know more about what she was like and what really happened to her. I also like it how she is trying to make the best outcome of the bad situation she is in. I think that Lexi has a crush on LUKE! I know how she is saying bad things about him but I feel like deep down she likes him, I hope that they get together. Ronaldo! Where do i start, he is the nicest person ever and I am so glad that Lexi meet him. I HOPE THAT LEXI AND RONALDO STAY FRIENDS FOREVER! I think that are great because Ronaldo gives great advice and Lexi follows it and she changes who she is, in a good way. I think so far in the book Ronaldo has made a really good impact on Lexi and I think that is exactly what she needs. I can’t to finish the book and see what happens next!

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