Reflection 2

Activity 2

WOW! That is the only word to describe the book at the moment. WOW! I cant even put it down. Ever sentence is better then the previous and it is so hard to stop reading. I think if we didn’t have to stop at each chapter I would be finished because I am dying to know what happens at the end. Will Lexington finish all of her jobs? Will she quit? I am just so intreged and cant wait to read more. In this part of the book Lexington continues on working her jobs week by week and she is nearly discovered by a employee who said she looked exactly like Lexi, lucky her cover wasn’t blown because that would have been very bad for Lexington Larbree. Lexi is also shocked by some unexpected news. Her father was now engaged. AGAIN! Lexington was surprised and didn’t know why her dad kept on marrying all of these women, soon enough it will be over and the press will swarm like bees around honey. Anyway Lexi has some own problems as well as her dads. She thinks about everything that has happened from when her mother died till now and she questions if it was al really what is is today. She is also curious when a questions keeps on repeating itself over and over. Did her mum really die in a car accident or was it all to cover up? If it was what were they covering up for and why? I am loving this book so far and I love reading every chapter because the suspense builds and leaves you hanging as to what will happen. i CAN’T WAIT TO READ MORE!!

By Georgia Ashley

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