WOW, I love this book! The first few chapters have been so good so far. I can’t even put the book down. I am on the edge of my seat after every chapter waiting to see what happens next . I love all of the characters but Lexington can sometimes get the better of me. She is funny and she seems kind of nice, but she is really a spoilt brat. Mr Larbree has left Lexi all on her own to bring up herself, but that hasn’t sort of turned out the way it should have. I think that Mr Larbree should spend more time with her daughter and be there for her when she needs it. Bruce who is the Laywer of Lexi and her father, is the the father figure to her and he treats her like he is in charge. I think that having some sort of male figure in Lexi’s life is good for her and he needs to be more responsible and in control. Lexi’s friends are the best! Having friends like T and Jia would be awesome because they are always there for her and they would never let her down know matter what the situation. Like how when she couldn’t get to the party so they drove all the way there to pick her up and risk all of the odds, just so Lexi could have a special night. I think that Lexi deserves to work for her money because she has grown up getting everything that she ever wanted so easily and she doesn’t have to do anything for it. I think that once Lexington works she will relish that things aren’t all that simply and she needs to earn the money that she gets. I am so excited to see what happens next and how Lexi will act to working and being in the real world. I can’t wait to read more!

By Georgia Ashley